Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Heat: Validation Table Indexes

A client asked: Since upgrading to Heat 8.4, I have been receiving the error: 'Invalid Attribute / Identifier' error when editing or deleting a record from a validation table. How can this be corrected?

HEAT 8.4.x has modified the way it handles indexes with MSSQL 2000. Because of this change, validation tables that do not have a primary key or a clustered index assigned will cause an ‘Invalid Attribute / Identifier’ error when editing or deleting a record from a validation table.

To create a Primary Key on every validation table:

* Launch Call Logging and select Accessory > Table Maintenance.
* Locate the table(s) where the error occurred in the Table drop-down.
* In the Grid View, ensure that the field you are looking to put a Primary Key on has unique values.
* Once step 3 has been completed and you are certain the field has no duplicate values, launch the HEAT Administrator module and go to File > New Edit Set.
* Select the table where a primary key index is required and select Open Table.
* Select the field that you used for steps 1 – 3 and perform the following:
* Double-click the field to open the desired field’s Field Definition window.
* Check the box for Primary Key.
* Click OK.

Repeat the steps above for every validation table that does not currently have a primary key index. Select File > Commit to commit the Edit Set.

Extra Credit: Often when you receive an error with the number 37000, it can be resolved by creating an index on the table being modified or deleted.

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