Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A GoldMine user asks how to use the Dear field.

The Dear field in GoldMine is given top billing in the upper-left quadrant – but how should it be used?

The Dear field should contain whatever comes after the word “Dear” in a letter or email, for example:

• Dear Jeremy
• Dear Mr. Davis
• Dear Dr. Davis

This allows for personalized marketing via letter merges with Microsoft Word or email blasts with GoldMine.

You may be on a more informal acquaintance with some of your clients, in which case “Dear Jeremy” would be the correct choice. Others you may wish to address more formally.

To make this a quick, easy, and error free entry enter the following codes in your Lookup List for the Dear field:

~"Dr. "+Contact1->Lastname
~"Mr. "+Contact1->Lastname
~"Mrs. "+Contact1->Lastname
~"Ms. "+Contact1->Lastname

When you choose one of these selections the Dear field will automatically populate with the salutation you want to use.

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