Monday, January 26, 2009

Crystal Reports : Inserting your Company Logo

You can display your company logo on a Crystal Report (or indeed any picture file).
Go to Insert Picture from the top-level menu. Then browse for the picture you want to insert. Once it's inserted, you can resize it to fit the report.


Anonymous said...

This works great when I run it on my development machine but the image is broken as soon as it is on the production server, even though I copied the image to the same location / path / folder

Anonymous said...

The report should be actually embedding the image data in the report, as opposed to holding a "link" to it.
What version of Crystal are you using?
I performed the following test:
1. Created a fresh blank report.
2. Inserted an image (BMP) from my desktop into the report.
3. Saved and closed the report.
4. Deleted the image from my desktop.
5. Reopened the report; verified the image was still there and looked correctly.

Please make sure you are using the "Insert|Picture" command from the top level menu.
Again, Crystal should be embedding the image data so you can stop trying to duplicate pathing and/or user permissions. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

insert/picture didnt there any alternate way to insert company logo into the report

Justin Hill said...

When you try to insert the picture, is anything at all displayed on the report? (i.e. blank box perhsps?) What kind of image are you trying to insert? (JPG, BMP, GIF, etc)

Mark John said...

What a great info about logo. Thanks for the nudge!