Monday, January 26, 2009

GoldMine: Auto Populate That ‘Dear’ Field!

A few months ago we posted regarding the use of the “Dear” field in GoldMine:

To ensure that the Dear fields gets populated with at least your contact’s first name we’ll use the “Lookup.ini”. The lookup.ini is GoldMine’s way of automatically updating one field based on another. In our case with the Dear field we’ll be updating it based on the contact field.
The Lookup.ini is an actual file is located wherever your GoldMine is installed, whether it be on your local machine or the network.

Be sure to use Notepad or another text editor to open and edit the Lookup.ini. Here’s the code to get the Dear field to update when you create a new contact record.



Every new record, as long as you put in the contact name, will have the Dear field populated with the contact’s first name. That can always be overridden with one of our “Mr.”, “Mrs.” Or “Dr.” formulas.

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