Monday, January 26, 2009

GoldMine: Best Practices for F2 Lookup Security for Good Data Hygiene

For a field like Account Type, which denotes whether a record represents a customer, prospect, vendor, etc. it’s of the utmost importance the data you have in the field is uniform. Want to run a filter to see all your prospects? Well if some people enter Prospect, some Prospects, some Prsp, etc. it quickly devolves into a frustrating endeavor.

Fortunately, GoldMine has several settings here that make it easy to ensure good data hygiene for any field. To access these click the Setup button within the F2 Lookup. You will need Master rights to change most of these settings.

Within the Setup screen we have two columns:

The first column controls whether the data someone enters into the field is acceptable, and if not what happens. At a minimum, you should check Force Valid Input so someone must select an entry from the F2 Lookup. You can also choose whether to accept blank input, to input the closest match if someone types something in that isn’t valid, to capitalize the first letter, and to have the F2 Lookup pop up when someone enters the field. These are more personal preferences, but you probably want Allow blank input unchecked.

In the second column are the settings to determine whether or not non-Master Right users can Add, Edit, and Delete the F2 Entries themselves. These three should definitely be unchecked. What’s the point of forcing valid entries if someone can go in and change or add bad entries? Finally, the last option, Auto Fill, will finish typing an entry if someone starts typing into the field instead of using the F2 Lookup window.

With those options, if someone attempts to type in a non-valid entry, like “Active Prospect” the F2 Lookup window will automatically pop up, making them use a valid entry. If they attempt to cancel out of the window another message pops up, making them enter something valid.


Anonymous said...

Is there a way to have certain but not all users add new data without giving them Master rights? Thanks!

Jen said...

Yes! If you right-click on the field label, choose 'Properties' and go to the 'Security' tab on the screen that pops up, you'll see that you can choose a user or user group for update rights. This will specify that only those users or members of that group can change the field, without giving those users master rights.

Anonymous said...

What if the F2 lookup is in a tab and not an editable field. Is there a place to set the security for those fields?


David Tripp said...

The other area you can use to control the integrity of the field lookup and other data fields under a tab (Pending tab, History tab, etc) is under the User Properties.

Go to Tools > User Settings
Select a User > Click Properties

First, make sure Master Rights is not checked. Then click the Access tab. Here you set a number of security related properties, including "Edit Fields", "Assign Owner" and "Edit Tab Folders"

You can also turn off access to entire menu options under the Menu tab. This allows you to select an menu item, expand it and turn off features by clicking the item from green to red. You should start by checking items listed in the Tools menu.

Using these two tabs, you should be able to lock down F2 lookups and other fields/features under any tab.

Anonymous said...

This seems to have been stolen, typo and all, from The GoldMine Blog: