Monday, January 26, 2009

GoldMine: How To Find Everyone You Spoke About “X” With

When completing an activity, if you are diligent about recording in the Notes field what you spoke with your contacts about in GoldMine, it’s very easy to find everyone you spoke about a topic with.

Let’s say you want to find everyone where you mentioned ‘gadgets’.

Here’s the SQL Query:

select,, conthist.ondate,conthist.ref from contact1, conthist where contact1.accountno =conthist.accountno and conthist.userid = 'BILL' and conthist.notes like'%Gadgets%' order by ondate

Simply change the ‘BILL’ to your userid and replace ‘Gadgets’ with your search term!

To use this, from GoldMine’s main menu choose Lookup > SQL Queries then Copy & Paste the above in the top section then click Query. If you are using GoldMine Premium Edition then Tools > Filters & Groups and then the SQL Query tab.

Thanks to Chad Smith,

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