Monday, January 26, 2009

GoldMine: Record Alerts, Part II

Here are some advanced tips for records alerts.

First, if you want to change an existing alert, for example to change the three letter code of ‘ATG’ to ‘CRD’, we’re going to do that within the Knowledge Base.

Go to > Knowledge Base. Double-click on System then Double-click on Contact Alerts. You’ll see all available records; you can add additional comments within the main window.

To change the 3 letter code or reference, Right-Click > Edit on the page icon on the left. Then in the Topic Properties the code and line text can be modified.

When closing the Knowledge Base or navigating to another entry, GoldMine will prompt you save the modified text. If you’re happy with the changes simply click Yes.

By default, a record alert pops up 7 seconds after a contact is ‘touched’. This can be changed by adding a line to your GM.INI file which is located wherever GoldMine is installed, e.g. S:\GoldMine… You may see it just as “GM” if you are hiding file extensions in Windows. It should open using Notepad.

Look for RecAlertSec=2 under the [GoldMine] Section. Change 2 to the number of seconds before the alert should pop up. Since we’re doing this within the GM.INI file the change will be universal.

To view all records with a record alert, go to Lookup > SQL Queries and paste this query in:

select,, contact1.phone1, contsupp.notes from contact1, contsupp where contsupp.rectype = ‘A’ and contact1.accountno = contsupp.accountno order by company

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