Monday, January 26, 2009

GoldMine: Using Occasions to Remember your Customers’ Anniversaries

GoldMine allows you to automatically be reminded every year of a customer, prospect or any acquaintance’s birthday, anniversary, etc. using Occasions. Once set, you’ll get a reminder every year before the day of the event.

First, find the contact record you want to create the Occasion for.

Then go to Edit > Record Properties > Contact Details. Choose the Occasions tab.

Then click New to create a new Occasion. A contact can have multiple Occasions.

Use the Reference field as a reminder of the detail of the Occasion, and use the Category field for the type. GoldMine has predefined the categories as: Other, Anniversary, Birthday, Festival, Reunion and Retreat. The User will be who gets the reminder.

Then click on the Date Span tab.

Here you’ll want to set the Date as well as how many days before the date you’ll want an Alarm. The "Occurs" section will automatically update based on the Date.

Click OK.

You’ll now see the new Occasion. Occasions also show up in your Activity List and Calendar!

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