Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HEAT: Call Group or Work Group?

A client asked: When I run an AutoTask to copy a call, it fails. What could be causing this?

When a copy call AutoTask is run (without turning on the ".M" feature), data is pulled from the current Call Record in the Work Group instead of the current Call Record in the current Call Group. If the Work Group is empty, the copy call AutoTasks appears to completely fail.

The cause of this issue is that the AutoTask code now switches to the current call to the Work Group before gathering all the data for the new Call Record. To resolve this issue, users need to modify the AutoTasks that utilize this functionality in order for them to work as desired.

To Modify AutoTasks:
In order to have the copy information AutoTasks to work as desired, please follow the steps below:

* In Call Logging, select AutoTask > Manage AutoTasks…
* Locate and highlight the AutoTask that requires updating.
* Click Edit.
* Select the Action that is creating the call, then click Edit.
* Highlight the first field in the list that is coping data (any field that is not using {System} or {No Value}. Then, move the cursor over the field until the cursor turns to an ‘up’ arrow. Then, double-click the field.
* After double-clicking the field, the Token editor appears.
* Change the field by adding a “.M” after the field, but before the end parentheses. Click OK.
* Repeat these steps for all fields containing a value.

Don’t forget to review other tables (e.g. Detail and Assignment). After completing the above steps, the AutoTask will now work as desired and copy calls in the current Call Group.

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