Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HEAT: Heat Plus Knowledge

A client had this question about HPK: How do I match up which NXT file in the content folder with a specific library name when they are different?

The association from library name to library file name can be found in the NEXTPAGE.SDF file. This file is in plain text and can be opened in Notepad.

The file is located in the path C:\Program Files\HEAT\Plus Knowledge\bin. If Heat Plus Knowledge was installed with a path other then default, follow that path and look for the Plus Knowlege folder which should contain the bin folder. The entry for each library should look something like this:

allow-manage-content="yes"fullpath="C:\Program Files\HEAT\Plus Knowledge\content\Knowledge.nxt"id="14672924-abb1-41"mount-date="20080801T123923"name="Knowledge.nxt"nfotitle="Current Knowledge"online="yes"title="Current Knowledge"/>

The fullpath portion of the entry for the library shows the location and filename of the library file. The title portion of this entry shows the name given to the library that shows up within the website itself.

Each library will have its own entry that will begin with the infobase tag.

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