Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HEAT: Track Maximum License Trends

A client recently asked: I would like a report of the maximum licenses over a certain duration (a week, a month, etc). Where in the HEAT tables can I find this information?

To get this information, you need to visit the Drivers and Downloads of the FrontRange support site. From there you need to download and unzip the "Max User Count Utility".

This utility gives you the ability to view maximum licensing use trends over time in one hour increments. To use this tool:

* Unzip the file downloaded
* Run setup.exe
* Ensure the Max User Count Utility Service is running
* Select Start > Programs > MaxUserCountUtility
* Select the proper database server database and credentials

The utility will monitor all Call Logging login and logout activity via a new table named HEATMaxUserCount and returns the Current Licenses in use value and the Maximum Licenses in use value.

The Maximum Licenses in use value is tracked via a bar graph and displays the value in one hour intervals.

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