Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HEAT: Value on the Dashboard

A client had this problem: Can I turn off the Dashboard that opens every time I open Call Logging? The metrics are hard-coded and I use Managers Console for metrics.

Yes, but take a closer look at the Dashboard before you turn it off. I agree that the metrics are hard-coded and could be done in Managers Console, but on the other hand, they are right there when you open Call Logging - you can take a quick look and move on.

But I think there are other features of the Dashboard more important than the metrics and that solve some long-standing issues with HEAT functionality. The first is Broadcasts. In the past you needed to open HEAT Supportmail and use that for Broadcasts. With the Dashboard, Broadcasts can be queued and viewed on a graphical form:

* Right click and select New under Broadcasts
* Enter the Broadcast Details and Send
* The Broadcast is available on the Dashboard as Call Logging is opened
* It also shows in the tray at the specified time

Also consider My Call Groups

By using a simple check box, you can display any set of call groups on the Dashboard:

* Open or create a Call Group
* Navigate to Group > Edit Group Criteria
* Check the "Display on Heat Dashboard"

Again, this displays your favorite Call Groups immediately as you open Call Logging. If, however, you still want to turn it off, you can do the following:

* Select Edit > User Preferences > Display
* Clear the checkbox labeled "Show Dashboard at Startup

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