Monday, January 26, 2009

Scheduling Made Easy: Using GoldMine’s Meeting Requests

When scheduling an activity in GoldMine, you might notice the Send a request with the Appt. checkbox.

Checking this and selecting contact will send an iCal meeting request to your contact asking if the meeting date/time is good. GoldMine will automatically send the email to the contact you’re scheduling with, whether it be a primary or secondary contact.

If your contact chooses Accept, Decline, Propose a New Time, etc. their email program, i.e., Outlook, will automatically send the response back to you. This scheduling standard, iCal, is supported by GoldMine, Outlook 2000 not in corporate mode, Outlook 2003 and many other calendaring/email programs!

For this to work you simply need to have your SMTP Settings configured in GoldMine. (Edit > Preferences > Internet) so GoldMine knows how to send an email.

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Scott and Casey said...

This is helpful but how do I send a meeting request from GM to multiple contacts? Only the open contact record is contacted.