Monday, January 26, 2009

Using GoldMine’s Record Alerts

GoldMine’s Record Alert function allows you to create a set of different alerts that will automatically ‘Pop Up’ whenever a user, any user, views a record.

You might find these very useful to display messages for:

  • Top & Important Clients
  • Key Prospects
  • Customers on Credit Hold
  • Customers with specific needs

To add a record alert to a contact go to Edit > Record Properties > Record Related Settings then click on the Alerts tab.

This window shows alerts that have already been created. Once an alert is created it can be used on any record. To use an existing alert check Enable Alerts then check the relevant alert(s).

To create a new alert click the New Alert button.

The Code can be any three letters. The Alert Description should be a few words describing the alert. The Message can contain any special verbiage. When setting up a new alert, remember that these are can be used universally so you probably don’t want anything too contact specific. Click OK after you’ve set the alert.

The newly created alert will automatically be set for the current record. Click OK to enable the alert.

If you check the Log this alert to history when a user is alerted option, at the bottom of the window, GoldMine will automatically create a history record whenever the alert is activated. An alert will be activated whenever someone views the record for more than 7 seconds.

When testing this out, be sure you leave the record for which you set the alert, then go back to the record to activate the alert.

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