Thursday, February 26, 2009

Goldmine: A quick “Google Search” of any GoldMine Contact

The GM+View can display relevant information about the contact you are on from just about any web site out there, but sometimes confusion can occur when a contact has a common name.

This GM+View uses email address instead of name to identify a contact.

To set this up go to File > Configure > GM+View or Web > GM+View in GoldMine Premium Edition. Note: You do need Master Rights to do this.

Then click the New button.

Type in the Template name, e.g. Google Contact Info, then click down into the white space below, then click on the (H) button in the upper right. This allows us to tell the view what we want to display.

After clicking (H) you’ll see some HTML code… Highlight all of it and delete it.

In its place, write the following:

Then choose Save & Exit.

Click OK from the GM+View Tab Settings screen.

Now, within the GM+View tab you can quickly find out more about your contact!

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