Thursday, February 26, 2009

GoldMine: Schedule Activities to a Team of GoldMine Users

Did you know that GoldMine allows you to schedule activities to an entire team at one go? If you have more than one person in your sales team working on the same account, you can use GoldMine to schedule tasks to everyone involved at the same time. Here's how you can do it:

Select the contact (account) for which you would like to schedule an activity.

Select Schedule and choose the type of activity.

In the next window, click on the Users tab and select the users (sales people) you wish to add - simply click on the user name in the left-hand column and use the Select button (arrow) to add it to the right-hand column.

Use the Free/Busy tab to check scheduling conflicts for the users.

Once you have added all the sales people, click on Schedule. This will add the activity (appointments, calls, etc.) to each GoldMine user’s calendar and activity list.

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