Thursday, February 26, 2009

GoldMine: Use Filters to Find Lost Contacts

Have you ever wondered which contacts in your GoldMine database have not been contacted in the past 6 months or more? Did you know that you can create a filter that will tell you just that?Here’s how:

From the menu, select Lookup >> Filters. This opens the Filters and Groups dialog box.

Select the 'New' button to open the 'New Filter' dialog box, containing 3 tabs - Properties, Build and Optimize.

In the 'Properties' tab enter the Filter Name (for example, Not Contacted in 6 months).

Click the 'Build' tab and in it, select the Field name as "Lastconton", the Operator as "Lesser or Equal" and enter the Value as "07/01/2007" (the Value is the date from which you would like to count the number of untouched contacts).

Select the 'Insert Condition' button and click OK.

The new filter created will be displayed in the Filters and Groups dialog box. Right click on the new filter and select 'Count' to find out how many contacts were untouched from 07/01/2007 or whatever date you chose.

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