Thursday, February 26, 2009

GoldMine: Using GoldMine to Forecast Sales

You can record the anticipated close date of a pending sale, sales amount and the probability of sales closing through 'Forecast sales schedule' in GoldMine.

Open the “Schedule Forecast Sale” dialog of a contact record by first opening the contact record in GoldMine and then clicking Schedule menu, followed by selecting Forecast Sales.

Click on the Contact drop-down arrow and select additional contacts.

From the drop-down list, select the Opportunity/Project to associate the sale with; or click New and create new opportunity or project.

Select the Product and its Code in the F2 Lookup list.

Select the User for whom you are scheduling the forecasted sale. The forecasted sale appears on the user's calendar.

Type the number of product Units the customer is expected to purchase, and the Price of each unit. The Amount field automatically calculates the total based on the entries in the Units and Price fields.

Select the Probability in the F2 Lookup list. This field is expressed as a percentage.

Select the expected Sale Date and type any special Notes related to the forecasted sale.

As in other scheduled activities, you can choose to link, alarm, or RSVP an activity by checking the different options.

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