Friday, February 27, 2009

HEAT: Export Call Browse to Excel

A client wants to know: How do I get the information out of the Call Browse windows (Ctrl B) other than printing it?

This also depends on which version of HEAT you are using. If you are using HEAT 8.45 or below, there is really no viable way to extract the data. You can copy but only one row at a time.

So, enter HEAT version 9.0. This has an Export button on the Call Browse window
and can export to several data types (Excel, XML and text).

To export:

* Click Ctrl B > Maximize Window
* Sort by Column > Click the Export button
* Navigate to a location > Save as an Excel, XML or text file

This is a small tip but a huge feature. This allows you to export based on any Call Group you can create. It allows you to delete columns (click on column and drag down). It allows you to change the column order (click on column and drag right or left) and then sort by the moved column and print. You can restrict to show only Open calls (by the Call Group), eliminate entries without information in your key column (Call Group), etc. You get the idea, this is an extremely fast way to report on any call group formatted however you want. And after you export to Excel, you can use all the Excel features (like graphs, pivot tables and macros).