Friday, February 27, 2009

HEAT: MapQuest Directions in HEAT!

2. A client asked: We use both Goldmine and HEAT 8.45. We really like the GM+ Browser in Goldmine. Is there anyway to create this in HEAT?

Yes, a similar feature is included in the latest version of HEAT, Version 9.0. On the Call Logging form, there is a "Web Browse" page that functions like the GM+ Browser in Goldmine and it is actually easier to use (no need to write html).

To use the Web Browse in HEAT 9 for MapQuest directions, you would do the following:

* Select Autotask > Manage Autotasks (websites are added with an autotask)
* Select Add > Enter the Autotask name
* Click Add > Select Web Browse
* Add the Page URL >
* Click the checkbox for "Submit a Form for the PageURL"
* Click the Auto Fill button > the webpage (Mapquest) opens in a window
* On the drop-down Select Form, select directionsForm
* The text boxes on Mapquest to be filled will flash
* Enter placeholder characters in each box (e.g. xxx) > these will be used later
* Click OK > Values will appear in the POST/GET DATA text box
* Replace the xxx's with the correct HEAT field (insert field) or a static value

Make sure to use the GET function and also that your state is the two digit code, not the full state name.

Below are the contents for the POST/GET Data box for directions from the Marks Group address to the customer's address stored in the Profile:

&start$addressLine1=45 E City Ave&start$addressInput=&start$city=&start$state=PA &start$postalCode=19004&end$query&end$addressLine1={Profile.Address1}&end$addressInput=&end$city={Profile.City}&end$state={Profile.State}&end$postalCode={Profile.ZIPCode}&options$type=fastest&options$type=shortest&options$avoidHighways=true&options$avoidTollRoads=true&options$avoidSeasonal=true

Note: this data string was created by using the procedure above. No knowledge of the scripting was required (you just point and click)

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