Friday, February 27, 2009

HEAT: Yes-No Message Box

A client recently asked: Is there any way to enhance the dialog box that pops up when you run the Prompt() or ValidatePrompt() functions?

Yes, there are two ways to approach this, the hard way and the easy way. First, if you are using HEAT 8.45 or lower you will need to use the hard way. This method requires that you use the HEAT API and create a custom pop-up box that is created in or This involves writing software in one of these languages, learning the functionality of the HEAT API and then connecting to the HEAT data through the API. Plan on spending some time on this and be sure to involve your partner because the API is not available directly to customers.

The easy way is to upgrade to HEAT 9.0. This provides an autotask function that can be used to create a message box with multiple lines of text, inserted functions or fields (e.g. password) and instructions to the user (e.g. "To continue with the reset of the received date/time, press Yes. Otherwise press No to cancel")

To create this in version 9, you would do the following:

* Select Autotask > Manage Autotasks
* Click Add > Enter the Autotask Name
* Click Add > Select the Display Message Box action
* Click in the Message Box Text field
* Select the font, font size, bolding, text alignment, etc
* Enter the message the you want the user to see
* Enter any HEAT fields or functions you would like in the message
* Select the message box option - either OK, OK/Cancel or Yes/No
* You can also specify an icon and auto hide timeout

Click OK to save the autotask. This autotask can be assigned to a toolbar icon, command button or called by another autotask. This allows the Message Box to appear at a decision point and gives you the choice to continue or cancel.

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