Thursday, February 26, 2009

MS CRM: Close multiple activities with a workflow

When you create a workflow, you can choose to make it available for yourself and your coworkers as an on-demand workflow or an automatic workflow. Automatic workflows start on their own, when the conditions defined in the workflow have been met. You start on-demand workflows yourself, whenever you want to perform the actions defined in the workflow logic.

Create similar workflows for each type of activity you work with so that you can also close them automatically when you need to.

1. In the Navigation Pane, click Settings, and then click Workflows.
2. On the Actions toolbar, click New.
3. In the Create Workflow dialog box, set required properties for the workflow.

  • In the Workflow name box, type Bulk Close Fax Activities.
  • From the Entity list, select Fax.
  • In the Type area, make sure that New blank workflow is selected.
  • Click OK.

4. In the Workflow Properties area in the top half of the Workflow form, set additional properties for the workflow.

  • From the Publish As list, select Workflow.
  • Under Available to Run, select On demand.
  • Under Options for Automatic Workflows, clear the Record is created check box.

5. In the Workflow Logic area in the lower half of the Workflow form, click Select this row and click Add Step.
6. On the Workflow Logic toolbar, click Add Step and select Change Status.
7. Click Type a step description here and replace the default text with Set status of fax to Sent.
8. From the first Change record status to list, select Fax, and then select Sent.
9. On the Form toolbar, click Save.
10. On the Form toolbar, click Publish, and then click OK.
11. Click Close.

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