Thursday, February 26, 2009

MS CRM: Manage your time and activities with help from reminders

Pop-up reminders—similar to those in Microsoft Office Outlook—are one of the most requested features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Although reminders are not available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can take advantage of the integration between Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook to display Outlook reminders for most activities, including tasks, phone calls, and e-mail messages.

1. To display Outlook pop-up reminders automatically, create the task, e-mail, or appointment in Outlook with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook installed.

2. Set the reminder.

3. Save the activity as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM activity.

a. In Outlook, on the form, on the CRM toolbar, click Track in CRM to create a Microsoft Dynamics CRM record.

If you are on the task form, you can select a different Microsoft Dynamics CRM activity to create by clicking the down arrow. You can save the Outlook task as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM task, phone call, letter, or fax.

b. To select a parent record, Click Set Regarding (in Outlook 2007) or Regarding in (Outlook 2003) to select a Microsoft Dynamics CRM record that this activity is regarding.

You can either select a previously used record under Select, or click More to select the record.

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