Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HEAT: Changes to SupportMail

A client recently asked: Have there been any changes to SupportMail with HEAT version 9.0? Specifically, we would like better control over polling times.

Yes, in the Administrator module, there is now a Mail Defaults option. Mail defaults let you configure email options such as polling frequencies, labels for external mail folders (MAPI, Lotus, POP, and GroupWise, and default Journal Types).

To Set Mail Defaults:

* In the Administrator Dashboard, click the Mail link in the Set System Defaults section (or, in the Administrator main window, select Defaults>>Mail from the menu bar). The Mail Defaults Settings dialog box opens.

* In the Check For Messages/Alarms every field, type a numeric polling value, specifying how often the system will check for new email messages.

* Type a Minimum and Maximum Value.

* In the External Mail Folders section, type a label for your external mail folders. These labels appear in the SupportMail interface and the Address Book, and identify your external mail clients:

– Lotus
– GroupWise

Use this feature to rename the folder to something users can recognize. For example, if you have enabled Support Mail to link to Microsoft Outlook, the label could be named Outlook.

* To set a default Journal Type for emails that are copied into a journal, select the Set Journal Type check box. Then select a default journal type from the Journal Type drop-down list.

Support Mail is recommended as the default journal type so journal entries copied in from emails are easily identified.

* To set a default Journal field into which emails are copied, select a field in the Message Text Destination Field drop-down list.

Text saved to the Journal entry typically includes email header information such as the identification of the sender, receiver, any persons copied on the message, date and time sent, the subject of the email, and the text of the message.

The amount of information transferred from an email message to the journal entry is limited by the maximum size of a database field. For example, if a text field is used to store the message, typically no more than 255 characters are saved in the journal entry.

Click OK when you have completed your new mail default settings.

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