Saturday, May 2, 2009

CRM: Add Twitter to CRM

A client recently tweated: Is there a way to incorporate Twitter with CRM?

Yes, there is! Just use the steps below and you can follow your Twitter activity within any CRM Account selected.

* Select Settings > Customization > Customize Entities > Account.
* The Account entity window will open.
* Click on Forms and Views, then double-click Form.
* The Form: Account window will open.

* Click Add a Tab
* create a new tab called “Twitter” > Click OK.
* Click Add a Section > call it Twitter > Click OK.
* Click Add an IFRAME.

* In the Name section, call it IFRAME_TwitterSearch.
* Put about:blank as the URL.
Note: JavaScript will populate the Twitter Search string.

* Check "Pass record object-type code and unique indentifier as parameters"
* Uncheck “Restrict cross-frame scripting.”
* Click on the Formatting tab
* Set it to automatically expand to use available space.
* Click OK.

On the “Form: Account” window, click on Form Properties.
Select OnLoad, click on Edit.
Check the “Event is Enabled” box, add this JavaScript.

switch (crmForm.FormType)
crmForm.all.IFRAME_TwitterSearch.src="" +;

* Click OK when finished.
* Save all changes to your Account form.
* At the “Entity: Account” window, click Actions, select Publish.

This will create a Twitter Account tab and show any current Twitter activity for that Account. This can be used within any entity - e.g. add to Product to see the live twitter feed about your products or services.

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