Friday, May 1, 2009

CRM: Get Right to the Issue

A MSCRM client requested this: Is there a quick way to open the windows that create a New Case, a New Account or a New Lead? We would like to open certain CRM windows directly from the desktop instead of navigating through the CRM Web Client.

There is a way to do this and it can be done for any window within the MSCRM Web Client.

To create a shortcut to a CRM entity like New Case or New Lead:

* Open the CRM Web Client
* Navigate to Services then Cases and choose 'New'
* If the URL is not visible, click Ctrl+N and a windown with the url open
* Copy the URL to the clipboard
* Right click on your desktop and choose New Shortcut.
* Paste the URL into the location box
* Click next and give the shortcut a meaningful name.

You can do this for any entity and it is useful if you have an entity you want to get to quickly.

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