Monday, May 25, 2009

CRM: How Many Leads Are There?

A client asked: Is there a quick way to tell someone how many leads we have at any moment?

Sure, if someone walks up and asks how many leads do you have (or other items), you can setup a function to tell them by clicking a few buttons.

First, you need to create an Advanced Find for Leads. That way when someone asks you how many leads you have you can go to My Views and select Open Leads.

To count them, you do the following:

* Open the Advanced Find for Leads
* Click Export Data to Excel
* Select Static Worksheet (Records from All Pages)
* Click Export > In the File Download box, click Open
* Jump to the last line of the Excel file for a count of Leads

This export/count method can be used for anything that you can create an Advanced Find for and export to Excel.

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