Saturday, May 2, 2009

CRM: Screening Customer Service Emails

A client asked: Is it possible to run an advanced find to get all incoming emails to Customer Service Executives (users) where the sender is not a CRM user?

Yes, your Advanced Find would contain the following:

Method 1:
In Look For: Select Email Messages
Note: not just Activities - you need to set it to Email Messages

To Recipient =
OR To Recipient =
AND Sender <>
OR Sender <>

This method would be fairly labor-intensive in that you would need
to continue user1, user2 to userx (where x = the last user)

Method 2:
To Recipient =
OR To Recipient =

This would work but would block ANYONE in your company from being included in the Advanced Find (not just CRM users)

The advantage of Method 2 would be less work in setting it up; the advantage of Method 1is that it would be more exact.