Saturday, May 2, 2009

CRM: Multi-Entity Advanced Finds

A client asked: We are using the Advanced Find extensively but want to know how to combine entities in an Advanced Find.

There are many options you can add to your Advanced Find when combining Entities (by the way, "Entity" is computer-speak for an Account, Contact, Product, etc). This is best illustrated by an example:

* Select an entity from Sales, in this example select Contacts
* On the toolbar above, click on Advanced Find
* In "Look For" select Opportunities
* Click on Select and choose the Created On fied

Note: we are creating an Advanced Find to show Opportunities created this year with additional information from other entities

* From the drop-down, select This Year
* Click Find and you will see the Opportunities for this year
* The fields shown, however, are only from the Opportunity entity.
* To add another Entity (e.g. Contacts), click Edit Columns
* Click Add Columns and select a Record Type (Potential Customer)
* Add fields from the new entity (FullName, Email, Parent Customer)
* Click OK > Click Find > Review Results

* In this case, we want Opportunities by Est Revenue
* Select Edit Columns > use arrows to move Est Revenuue to the front
* Move Potential Customer: Contact to second postion
* Change Sort Order to Est Revenue / Descending
* Use Change Properties to change the size of columns
* Click OK > Click Find

When you are satified with the results, click Save As and give the Advanced Find a name to be saved under Saved Views. That's it! You should now be able apply these steps to any combination of entities.

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