Friday, May 1, 2009

CRM: Please State Your Name

A client asked: Our Full Name shows as FirstName LastName. This format does not work for our company. Is there a way to customize this field to show LastName first, followed by FirstName and then MiddleName?

There are actually several formats you can select from and they do not require any customizations. To change the format of the full name, you can do the following:

* Select Settings > Administration > System Settings
* Under the General Tab > Select Full Name Format
* Click on the drop down > Select the format desired
* Click OK

You will receive a message that this change only applies to future entries. Previously entered full names will remain as entered. If this presents a major problem, you can develop an update query to adjust the existing name. Be sure to back up your CRM data before running any query.

If you want to run an update query, it would be in the format below:
update contactbase set fullname = first + middle + last. This query would need to be formatted for what method to use to execute it (SQL Server, Access, etc)

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