Monday, May 25, 2009

Goldmine: Contact Center New and Improved

A client asked: What's different about the Contact Center in GMPE? It looks the same to me.

Well, look closer. There are several changes that are listed below:

* First, click on any tab (e.g. Pending), then click on a Header column
* You can now drag the header to any position in the column order
* With the columns ordered the way you like, sort by clicking a header

* Then right-click on a column header and select Group
* An open area appears where you can drag a header to form a group
* If you drag Activity and Contact you will form a group with both
* Click the plus sign to expand the group(s) below the headers

* Another differing feature is the Preview options
* Look to the far right of the column for a bar labeled Preview
* Expand the Preview bar and a window will open on the right side
* This displays the details of rows as you scroll down for any tab

There are more changes to the Contact Center, experiment with them; e.g. when on a Contact click the hyperlink next to the Contact Name. Then explore the horizontal options of viewing of expanding and viewing a contact.

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