Tuesday, May 26, 2009

GoldMine: Customer Service

A client asked: Does GMPE contain more features for follow-up service to customers or do you still need to integrate to HEAT to add case-related information to the customer?

HEAT integration still exists with GMPE and may be appropriate for some Goldmine users, however, GMPE contains a built in case management more suited to issues related to customer service.

To Use the Service Center:
The Service Center window is divided into two sections; a List view and a Detail view. Double-click on a case in the List view and the Details view opens.

To Create a Service Request:
* Select GoTo > Service Center or select Service from the main Navigation Panel.
* At the Service Center, click New Case. The Contact Search Center window opens.
* Double-click on a contact or group of contacts and click Select.If you have many records listed, use the Search capability at the top of the window.
* To create a case from a new contact, click New Contact and complete the New Record dialog box.The Service Center window opens and the new case appears with a system-generated case number in the Case Number field. Depending on the case, some fields also may be system-generated.
* Complete each field by clicking next to the field and either entering text in the field box or selecting values by clicking the down arrow on the box.

To Resolve a Case:
After a case is resolved, it is removed from the active list.

* At the Service Center window, at the toolbar, click Resolve.
* The Resolve Case Dialog opens.
* In the Notes field, enter information about the resolution of the case.
* To notify the selected user of the resolution via e-mail, make sure the E-mail Notification checkbox is checked, and type your message into the Message box provided.
* When finished, click Resolve, or select Cancel to exit the dialog without resolving the case.

There are several other features available in the Service Center including reassigning a case, escalating a case and grouping cases. The Service Center is an important part of the customer service process (i.e. following up on issues after the sale) which ultimately leads to customer retention.

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