Tuesday, May 26, 2009

GoldMine: RSS Feeds

A client asked: Can I add RSS Feeds to GMPE? I have a number of feeds I would like to track in one place.

Yes, you can use My Goldmine to add and view prepopulated RSS Feeds or add your own.

See below for instructions:

* Go to Web > My GoldMine
* Click the X in any existing content to remove
* Click Add Content to Column to add an RSS feed
* From the pop-up, select an existing feed or click Add Resource
* Add Resource allows you to add your own feeds

There are also several Goldmine functions (Todays Sales, Todays Activities, etc) that can be added to a column. Note that each column can contain multiple feeds or Goldmine functions. This allows you to use My GoldMine like a dashboard of Goldmine and RSS feed information.

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