Monday, May 25, 2009

Goldmine: Universal Search

A client wanted to know: What is Universal Search and how do I use it?

Universal Search is a new feature added to GMPE that allows you to find information that you want to see in virtually any area of Goldmine and presents it in a single view. Universal Search finds your information in email, contact notes, activity notes, linked documents, the Knowledgebase and many other areas.

To access the Universal Search:

* Select Go To > Search > Universal Search
* Enter the phrase to search for and click Go
* To select what areas are searched, click Advanced
* Type in an word to search for (e.g. complaint)
* This will return all areas where the word 'complaint' is shown
* Click on a row and the related contact/document is opened

The Universal Search can be valuable in finding important information (like lost sale, complaint or hot prospect) or for locating a contact/activity where you have incomplete information.

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