Monday, May 25, 2009

GoldMine: Where did the InfoCenter Go?

A client asked: What happened to the InfoCenter in GMPE? Has it been replaced by something else?

Yes, the InfoCenter has been replaced by the KnowledgeBase. This knowledgebase includes a Personal Base that is viewable only by you. The Knowledge Base offers you a way to create and publish documets with both 'Public' and 'Personal' sections.

GoldMine's Knowledge Base can help you more effectively manage and disseminate your organization's mission-critical information. It supports unlimited Books, Folders and Topic pages that allow you to logically organize a variety of content. External files can also be linked to entries to provide access to the most current and up-to-date information you need.

You can restrict who can update or view Knowledge Base entries by defining specific read/write access settings for various sections; this allows you to keep content centralized, without compromising security.

To access the Knowledge Base:

* Select Go To > Knowledge Base, or select Knowledge Base from the navigation pane.
* Use the Knowledge Base toolbar to navigate and manage.
* View information by selecting a tab.

Knowledge Base: Maintains information created by, for, and about an organization.
Depending on rights, all users can potentially view all Knowledge Base topics.
Only users with Master Rights can add, edit, or delete Knowledge Base items.

Personal Base. Maintains information useful to an individual user that only the user can view and update. The only way to access a PersonalBase is to log in to GoldMine as the user who created the PersonalBase.

To create Knowledge Base books, folders and topics:

* Select Go To > Knowledge Base, or select KnowledgeBase from the navigation panel.
* To create a book, click the New Book toolbar icon.
* At the in the left pane under Knowledge Base, type a name.
* Click in the right pane to add HTML or click Attach a file to add an attachment.

Adding text or attachments at the book level is possible but will interfere with a book level Table of Contents. Adding a TOC replaces the text on the book, folder, or topic.

To add a folder, highlight the book to which you want to add the folder and click the New Folder toolbar icon. The new folder appears under the selected book. Type in the name of the folder. Click in the right pane to add HTML text or click the Attach a file toolbar icon to add an attachment.

To add a topic page, highlight the book or the folder to which you want to add the topic and click the New Topic Page toolbar icon. The new page appears under the selected book or folder. Type the name of the topic.

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