Monday, May 25, 2009

HEAT: Small Changes

A client recently asked: Is a way to edit part of a formula that resides in an Auto Task without having to delete it and recreate the whole formula?

Yes, you can edit the Token. This will save you time when editing a large number of formulas with a small change.

Below is an example:

In Call Logging, edit Create Asgnmnt for Dev under the Call Flow folder

* Expand the Call Flow folder > select Create Asgnmnt for Dev
* Edit the Create Assignment action > scroll down to Target Date
* Double click on the Value field > the Token Editor will pop up
* Find the Calendar Type that states: "7 Day X 24 Hour"
* Highlight the Calendar Type > replace it with "Helpdesk Hours"
* Click Check to verify > click OK until the autotask is saved

You could then use this same process to edit the other Create Assignment autotasks. This is far quicker than copying the autotask and editing each action and quicker than deleting the calendar formula and recreating it. The Token Editor can be used on any formula where just a small change is needed.

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