Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HEAT: This Used To Be Hard

A client wants to know: Even with security set up to only allow certain users access to Call Types, Categories and other system tables, we continue to have additions and changes that are not approved or consistent. Is there a way to track who is making the changes?

Yes, with a nifty feature added in HEAT version 9.0. You can now add the ModBy, ModDate and ModTime to any table by clicking a button. This way you can see, right on the form, when it was changed and who made the change.

To implement this for the Call Type table, you would do the following:

* Open Administrator > Create a New Edit Set
* Open the Call Type table > Select Table View
* Click "Modifications Tracking Enabled"
* The ModBy, ModDate, and ModTime fields are added
* Select each field > Click the Add to Form icon
* Go to the Form View and format these fields
* Commit the edit set and open Call Logging

After Call Logging creates the new catalog, go to Accessories > Table Maintenance > Call Type. Open the table and click Form View. The ModBy, ModDate, and ModTime fields will now appear on the form. Make a change, save it and the fields will be populated (including your login). Click on any of these fields and try to remove the contents. You can't, they are system fields and read-only by default.


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