Monday, May 25, 2009

HEAT: Wait a minute!

A client had this question: Is there a way to stop a multi-line autotask to run an external program, get some information from the external program then return to HEAT to enter the data?

Yes, there is a feature in the Run a Program action to 'Wait for Program to Terminate" This, combined with the Run an AutoTask action, will allow you to branch out to an external program, get your information from the external program (e.g. Goldmine) and return to the same point in the autotask where you left off.

An example, using Goldmine as the external program, is below:

* Create a new autotask called External Information
* Click Add > select the Run a Program action
* Under Filename, browse out to the Goldmine executable
* Check the box 'Wait for the program to terminate'
* Click OK > add the Goto Call(Ticket) autotask
* Add the @Prompt function to the Call ID expression
* Add 'Enter Call ID' to the @Prompt function
* Click OK > associate with a toolbar icon > Click Close

When you run the autotask, it will run Goldmine and pause at that point in the autotask while you search Goldmine for the information you need. When you close Goldmine, the autotask will resume where it left off. Enter a Call ID in the pop-up box and add the information obtained from Goldmine

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