Tuesday, May 26, 2009

QUICKBOOKS: Change Orders

A Quickbooks client had this question: How do I enter a change order on a proposal?

First, if you are using Quickbooks Premier for Contractors, any time you make a change to an estimate a popup comes up asking if you would like to add a change order to your estimate. However, if you aren't, you can accomplish the same thing by adding subtotal items:

* Go to Lists > Item List
* Click on the Items button
* Select New and select Subtotal as the type.

You should add two subtotals, one for the total before the change order and one for the total after. Add clear descriptions for each subtotal such as: "Original Contract Total" and "Change Order Total". You may want to also add the approver's name and the date to the Change Order Total.

Then, whenever you have a change order, add a line using the first subtotal item, line(s) for the the change order items, and a line for the revised subtotal item.