Tuesday, May 26, 2009

QUICKBOOKS: Customized Reports

A client asked: When I enter invoices, I include the make and model of the customer's automobile. How can I create a report that shows the customer and their vehicle information?

First, create a custom field for automobile information:

* Go to Customer Center and double-click on any customer.
* Select the Additional Info tab and Define Fields
* Enter the auto information for all your customers

You can also add the custom field to your invoices:

* Go to Customers -> Create Invoices
* Click on Customize button
* Select Additional Customization
* Click on the two boxes next to your custom field

You can then use the custom field to customize reports:

* Select one of the List reports (e.g. Phone List)
* Click on Modify Report
* In the Display box, remove phone and add customer type

This should give you the report with customer and auto information.

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