Thursday, August 27, 2009

HEAT: No Password for WebUI

A client recently asked: It appears that HEAT 9.02 does not allow you to require passwords. You can simply type in the user ID and see the activity. Is there a fix?

Yes, on the latest version of HEAT, allows users to log in without a password. The password field can't be selected to type the password on the login page.

In Administrator, the "Require Password" setting under Defaults > System > System Defaults controls the password setting for both Call Logging and WebUI. This setting, however, requires a workaround for HEAT 9.02:

* Open the Heat Administrator module
* Go to Defaults > Administrative Defaults
* Uncheck the box for require password
* Restart the Web UI service.
* Then recheck the box for Require passwords
* Restart the WebUI service again.

This should solve the problem and allow you to use password for WebUI

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