Thursday, August 27, 2009

HEAT: Run Program Action

A client asked: Can I run remote desktop and other diagnostic software using an autotask?

Yes, there are several tools you can launch using the Run Program action:

1. Remote Desktop

Filename: c:\windows\system32\mstsc.exe
Arguments: /v:{X}

2. Ping

Filename: c:\windows\system32\ping.exe
Arguments: {X}-t

3. Search MS Knowledgebase with the Incident Description text

Filename:{|CallLog.CallDesc} &catalog=LCID%3D2057&pwt=false&title=false&kt=ALL&mdt=0&comm=1&ast=1&ast=2&ast= 3&ast=8&ast=9&mode=a&x=11&y=9

4. Launch VNC: there are various versions of vnc

Filename: c:\program files\ultra vnc\vncviewer.exe
Arguments: {X}

5. Computer Management: this runs computer management for a target PC.

Filename: c:\windows\system32\compmgmt.msc
Arguments: /computer={X}

These autotasks may vary slightly based on the version of Windows.

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