Sunday, August 9, 2009

QuickBooks: Memorized Reports

A client recently asked: A memorized report stopped working and I had to recreate it. Is there a way to backup memorized reports?

Yes, you can backup memorized reports and there are a couple reasons you should be doing this. First, there is a known issue with memorized reports in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Memorized reports will sometimes stop working for no apparent reason. A backup process will allow you to restore the memorized report.

Second, if a user needs the ability to manage the Memorized Report list, the user can inadvertently modify or delete memorized reports on the list. A backup will allow you to restore the original memorized report settings if you need to do so.

To backup your Memorized Reports:
* Create a user called "Report Backup" with Admin access.
* Be sure to use a password that only the file Administrator knows.
* Login as the "Report Backup" user.
* Open the memorized report you want to backup.
* Select the View drop down menu and then select "Add to Icon Bar."

Use the Memorized Report name as the title of the Icon Bar shortcut.

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