Monday, August 10, 2009

QuickBooks: Using the Account Register

A client asked: When reconciling a bank account, how do I search the Bank Reconciliation Window?

In QuickBooks 2008 and prior, the bank reconciliation window shows disbursements in document number order only and does not allow you to sort by any of the other column like the transaction date, the payee or the amount.

In all versions of QuickBooks there is no "Go To" or "Search" feature on the Bank Reconciliation window.

To workaround this problem, you can do the following:

* Select Bank Reconciliation > enter ending balance, service charges.
* Continue to the window where you clear checks and deposits.
* Minimize the window and open the check register
* Sort the check register by 'Date/Type/Number' or by 'Amount'

You can also sort by check number but the bank reconciliation window sorts by check number already. The check register simply allows you to use additional sort options.

When you locate the transactions, use the check register to designate each check as cleared – using the cleared column in the register.

* If you cannot locate a check using sort options, use “Go To”
* Search the register by payee, number, memo or amount.
* Return to the bank reconciliation window.
* Transactions cleared will show a check mark in the window.
* Clear deposits and disbursements not cleared with the register.