Friday, September 25, 2009

GoldMine: Beyond the Documentation

A client asked: I have never seen a list of undocumented tips for GoldMine. Can you provide a list of some tips and tricks not included in the documentation?

Sure, there are a lot of tips that are discovered by users and then passed on by word of mouth. A few are listed below:

* When scheduling an activity for a contact, you can automatically schedule three weeks out by typing 3W in the date field (or 4W, 5W)

* Schedule by priority (instead of Time) Establish a series of codes for your priorities (A, B, C), then place them in the Time field instead of the time.

This will change the field to read "Priority" and all calls will be placed on the View Activity lists sorted by priorities. These calls will show up on the daily calendar under To-Do's.

* In the Contact Search Center, click the Columns button to add fields to your view. Choose the Column Selection tab and double click the field you want added

* Right click in any list view and select the 'Summary' option to get a count of the currently displayed items (the count is displayed in a textbox on the bottom-left).

These are just some of the tips and tricks that exist for GoldMine. If you know of others, free feel to send them on for inclusion in a newsletter.

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