Friday, September 25, 2009

GoldMine: Controlling the Process Monitor

A client asked: Is there a way to control the Process Monitor window? It seems to just pop up anywhere when you send an email or run an automated process.

Yes, there are number of ways to control the Process Monitor window. Try the methods below:

* An easy way is to drag the Process Monitor window to the bottom of the screen. It should dock to the bottom of the form. Then find and click the push-pin icon. This will cause the process monitor window to auto-hide and only appear when you mouse over the 'GoldMine Process Monitor' tab in the lower left corner

* Another way to manage the Process Monitor is change the settings in your user.ini file. Find the section below and change MdiState to 1.


The window then behaves as you tell it and does not interfer with user activity. It will stay in the shape, size and position that you set it to.