Friday, September 25, 2009

GoldMine: Team Meetings

A client recently asked: I use GoldMine to schedule meetings with customers. Can I also use it to schedule Team meetings?

Yes, you can easily use GoldMine to send meeting requests to your team members (i.e. GoldMine users). Here's how you do it:

* Select Schedule > Events from the GoldMine Menu.
* The Schedule An Event window appears.
* In the Detail tab, fill in details about the meeting
* Select time and duration of the meeting.
* In the same tab, Check "Send a request with the event to" option
* From the drop-down below it select Users.
* From the Users tab, select the Users to send the request.
* If the meeting is a regular activity, click on the Recurring tab
* Select the date range, frequency and occurrence of the activity.
* Hit Schedule to complete.

Now, GoldMine will automatically send the meeting request to your team.

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