Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HEAT: Working from the Assignment tab

A client recently asked: Can we setup HEAT so that technicians can work from the Assignment tab to perform all the tasks they need to do in HEAT?

Yes, this involves adding some command buttons and autotasks but it not very complicated. To add a command button:

Open Administrator > Select Quick Customize
Select the Asgnmnt table > Click Open Form
If the Toolbox does not appear, click View > Controls Toolbox
Select the Command Button > Drag to under the Resolve button
Right-click the button > Change text to Save and Close
Open Call Logging > Create an Autotask called Assignment Button
This autotask should include the following actions:
-Update Call > Call Log:Close Desc > Insert Field > Assignment:Notes
-Update Call > Call Log:Cause > Insert Function > Validate Prompt()
-Check the Save Call and Close Call checkboxes
Save the Autotask
In Administrator, select the Command Button > click Control
Click Connect > Click Autotask > Browse to Assignment Button
Apply the Quick changes
Open Call Logging > it should create a new Catalog
Open the Assignment tab > Create an Assignment
Acknowledge and Resolve the Assignment
Enter the Assignment details in Notes
Click the Save and Close button
Enter Cause the from Prompt > Notes will be copied to Close Desc
The autotask will save and close the call

That's it - you can then add IF statements to check if the Assignment has been Acknowledged and Resolved before the Save and Close function. You can also test that the Notes field is not empty before it is copied to Close Desc.

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