Sunday, September 27, 2009

QuickBooks: Networks and Databases

A client asked: Can my network configuration cause problems with the QuickBooks database?

The condition of your Local Area Network (LAN) can have a significant impact on the possibility of QuickBooks data file corruption. Consider the following:

1) Wireless Networks
Wireless networks are the worst enemy of the QuickBooks data file. The QuickBooks file is sensitive to unexpected disconnections and wireless networks have a much greater propensity to have connection interruptions than connections via Ethernet cable.

Strongly consider not using QuickBooks with wireless network connections. If the network has a wireless router at all, consider that some computers may have both Ethernet and wireless network adapters. To ensure the computer uses the Ethernet connection and not the wireless connection, you should either turn off the wireless signal or take steps to prevent the computers with wireless network adapters from connecting to the wireless router.

2) General Network Maintenance
Substandard, obsolete or poorly configured routers can impact both the performance of QuickBooks in a multiuser environment and can increase the risk of file corruption.

The concept here is the similar to wireless connections. If the configuration of the server or the condition of the hardware causes periodic interruptions in a user's connection, this interruption can cause a QuickBooks file corruption.

Examples include connection issues with the network router, hardware or driver problems on workstation network adapters, operating system/resource issues on the server that cause QuickBooks or Windows to enter a non-responding mode.

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