Sunday, September 27, 2009

QuickBooks: QuickBooks on Terminal Services

A client asked: Does QuickBooks run on Terminal Services?

Yes, it does and it runs very well. It provides a faster and more stable connection to QuickBooks for each user.

First, there is a difference in setup and licensing. Terminal Services allows each workstation to share the server’s desktop. When you use Terminal Services, you still need a QuickBooks license for each unique QuickBooks user, but you do not install QuickBooks on each workstation. Instead, you install one license of QuickBooks on the server and you store the data file on the server.

Then, all QuickBooks users on the network run the QuickBooks application stored on the server, up to 30 users running a single installation of QuickBooks for QuickBooks Enterprise. QuickBooks will perform significantly better and each user's connection to the QuickBooks data file is much more stable.

In a Terminal Services environment the processing power is focused on the Terminal Server instead of the workstations, so the faster the server the better. You also may want to consider a separate server just for the QuickBooks program.

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